Thursday, 30 July 2015

125.Corsham Lanes


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Parking @ Furzehill, Corsham SN13 9UU

A Walk this week from Corsham in Wiltshire.We Start Following up Pound  Pill hill towards this fine building The Corsham Almshouses that were built 1688 as a Schoolroom,and are unaltered since they were was built ! Meant to provide housing for 6 poor people and education for 10 poor children.

Now we enter Corsham court wide Open fields A lovely lake and St Bartholomew's church.

Corsham was a royal manor in the days of the Saxon kings, reputed to have been a seat of Ethelred the Unready. After William the Conqueror, the manor continued to be passed down through the generations in the royal family. During the 16th century, the manor went to two of Henry VIII's wives, namely Catherine of Aragon until 1536, and Katherine Parr until 1548.

Canada Geese flying to next picture,Probably

Corsham Lake

Crossing the Bristol to London Main line.

A Very Pleasant spot for a sandwich ,just a field but !

Railway ventilation shaft for box tunnel

Small pond Think at the Ridge .

 Mrs Mallard enjoying the sunshine

Great looking plants in this garden, fine specimens !

St. Philip and St. James, Neston

This was HMS Royal Arthur now another housing development,I used to deliver to gate house 25 years ago ! Although on wiki says it shut 1950 ! looked a bit further 1993 it shut 

Didn't look like this ,remember Guards coming out to meet me ,think they'd struggle now !

After we follow over exit of Box tunnel you come to the final stop of the day and almost end of walk ,Corsham lake ,After leaving here it poured down for 10 mins ! its July !  and no waterproof for me.Not forecast :(

And End .Thanks for looking if you did :)

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