Wednesday, 1 November 2017

175.Severn Way M48 (8 miles)


Parking - Aust, Bristol BS35 4BA

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Another week, another walk, today blue skies greeted me and decided to start at Aust close to the Severn estuary. The noise from the motorway started quite loud but as the walk left the M48 behind it became a distant hum. 

Muddy fields and the towers of the M48 or Severn bridge almost always in view.

Oldbury Power station, this is what i was heading towards.

The span of the Severn bridge is 1.03 miles from shore to shore with Beachley making up another 0.16 of a mile.
 It took three-and-a-half years to construct at a cost of £8 million.
The bridge was opened on 8 September 1966, by Queen Elizabeth II.

St. Arilda's Church at Oldbury on Severn.

Oldbury Pill with Wales in distance.

Oldbury Nuclear Power Station now closed, it closed in 2012.

Oldbury was used as a filming location for  Doctor Who, The Hand of Fear. 
The rock band Slade recorded a performance for Top of the Pops inside one of the reactor buildings.Also the power station appeared in several episodes of Blake's 7 . WIKi

Had a sandwich and sit down for 10 mins here.

Following on the Severn Way the first hill of the day heading towards the Motorway service station.

From here i got the best views of the bridge.

The small white house is the old  Beachley ferry terminal see here

Still a few Red Admirals about feeding on Ivy flower.

Made a slight detour from my planned route crossing over the top of the toll booths, the toll stands at £6.70 as of 2017.

I shall be driving underneath tomorrow morning on my way to Forest of Dean! Always good to get another perspective.

Followed on and soon back into Aust and where i parked, 
I met these 2, it's halloween after all.

That's all folks a pleasant walk was some interesting points, next time this space

That's all for this week, join me again next week  :)

Thursday, 26 October 2017

174.Rodborough Common & Thames + Severn Canal


Parking At  Rodborough GL5 3SF

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Thought this week i'd head up to Gloucestershire, starting at Rodborough nr Stroud then on up to Rodborough Common a area i've walked around a few times butterfly hunting, a very good spot for The Duke of Burgundy, Adonis and other assorted butterflies.
Only Red Admirals around today and lots of dog walkers, but all well behaved.

Blue skies and sunshine, reflection on van.

Started half way up hill, with some great views out over Stroud, with Bristol Channel,River Severn in far distance.

Best spot for The Duke of Burgundy's

A bit of maneuvering around the cows which wander around the common and the golfers, but it's fairly flat on top and easy with great views.

Minchinhampton high st.

A beautiful day, it looked stunning.

Some good well marked footpaths even a tunnel for the dog.

Autumn colours starting to show through.

After venturing down of the hill we come to Stroud and plenty of remnants of the Industrial Revolution. It was a cloth town: woollen mills were powered by the small rivers which flow through the five valleys, and supplied from Cotswold.

 Golden Valley railway line from Swindon to Cheltenham Spa.

Thames and Severn Canal linking Stroudwater Navigation is under restoration it received a 82 million pound lottery fund but as you can see from following pictures needs a bit of work still. 

There are some really pretty sections, 
with extremely clear water. I saw Trout and kingfisher.

Jubilee bridge

There are working hard... well the 4 guys i saw weren't but i'm sure the are, it'll be great when it's finished.

This is the Capels Viaduct, this part has been restored and looks great.


Some great reflections.

This is after we leave the waterside behind, we then climb up to where we've parked. Another walk over and a beautiful day was had. 

That's all for this week, join me again next week  :)