Wednesday, 30 October 2013

77.Nil Points in Wiltshire (10 miles)

79.              0 stars

Was suppose to vist Cley hill,could see hill but no acess from footpath on north side then follow route 24 cycle way through Longleate And Return, No go apparently cycle route24 (sustrans) is to Shut nice to know !  .so no map for this walk just pictures we ended up walking 10miles. but on brighter note on walk 27.cley hill night walk 5/9/2013 lost my hat ! guess what , found hat in muddy field ! what the chances ! Nice :)

Thursday, 24 October 2013

76. Stourhead The Fall Maw (10 miles)

78.  8/10

Parking @BA126RD by Church.

Stourhead ,Wiltshire and surrounding Woods Autumn,Mushrooms galore and some stunning Trees.

A Easy Walk this one mostley Flat small hills,ambling through conifers and the beautiful Stourhead estate,its got mushrooms lots,
                               color,Lakes,and best of all you don't have to pay £14.50 to get in to Stourhead !

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Thursday, 10 October 2013

75. kingston Deverills alternate (11.5miles)

77.  7 out of 10

Parking @ BA12 7HE (phone box)

This walk bit of a re-run takes in the beautiful Deverills hills,gliding club, and Iron Age hill fort.

Our Walk started From Kingston Deverill,we parked by Red Phone Box,last of them i think ? And headed up towards The Bath, Wilts and North Dorset Gliding Club for some grand views .Head on towards fort
and White Sheet Hill .  White Sheet Hill is a neolithic causeway camp and barrows also a Iron Age hill fort the hill  is 245 m (804 ft)  from top there are some Cracking views but could be draughty. Head on along Byway to Charnage Down  and  Chaddenwick Hill heading of left before A303.Through Kesley Farm and Back .


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Thursday, 3 October 2013

74. Pipehouse & S & D (7.50miles)

 6 out of 10

 Pipehouse & S&D (7.50 miles)
Parking @ Ba25SJ

Takes in South Stoke,Midford,Pipehouse and Monkton combe.

Our trip was wet and damp.It followed country lanes with no traffic and footpaths . Heading towards Midford note great viaducts ..S&D

Then byway to Pipehouse up muddy stoney path crossing farmland to Piepards farm,interesting jumble of buildings,A poutry farm or was . Then follow path along the side the Limply Stoke Valley and on to Midford Brook ,Dinner.then return route we chose to follow Somerset and Dorset Railway Path as far as Tucking Mill Viaduct a quick glance at fishing lake,looking green !. And on up through Horsecombe brow up 66 steps actually 72 ! return along Sheppards Walk .

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