Wednesday, 29 April 2015

117.Blagon Lake -Ubley Warren - Compton Martin (9.7 miles)


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Parking @ Blagdon BS40 7RU

St Andrews , Blagdon

Poor Deer, Leg was caught in fence, 

We got some help from a near by house,Buffy & Builder friend came to help ! 

After cutting fence to release deer he didn't look good ,he ran a short distance and collapsed in field .we left the Deer in the capable hands of Buffy,Who contacted Secret World .Buffy said " wounds are superficial only (amazingly), so when rehabilitated it will be released back to the area you found it. great charity for wildlife and good to know for walkers in Somerset areas." Good Job !! 

The phone number is 01278 783250 – 24/7 365 days a year

Blagdon as we climb Two trees hill

Peak in distance is Fan Fawr ,Elevation: 734 m / 2408 ft and 
54 miles in a straight line !

Great views

Perfeck ! 

Transmitters on hill from here we are 13 ft lower than Beacon Batch 
Somerset's Highest Point 

Blackdown Reserve or Ubley Warren Beautiful place great place for butterflies,not today :(

A stylistic sty of circa 1850 Probably !?

There is a Permissive path to side of this lovely Beech Alley Footpath ,
we chose the better me thinks .

That'll  be straight on then ! 

Starting to come down hill now Chew valley Lake looking glorious !

Into Compton Woods, Wild Flowers ,well marked paths what more could you want !

See Bluebells galore !

 Then just as were near the end we meet these chaps,they started over the other side of the field,as soon as we entered field they stampeded over to us ! A small detour was required . All good .

Along side of lake but not quite!
Wessex water patrol Beware stay on path .
This taken from path Yeo Valleys Fields ,Where your yogurts come from .Green Grass Eh ! Think it might Glow in the dark !

 Where we Were not 1 hour ago ,on hill line .

That's all for now
Best regards to Buffy, builder chap and Secret world
Check next week for more adventures :)

Thursday, 23 April 2015

116.Tisbury & Wardour Castle ( 10 miles)


Parking @ St. Johns Close, Tisbury, Salisbury SP3 6PN

Another Cracking day Blue skies warm with cooling breeze perfect .There nothing better than Wiltshire's rolling hills big skies and stunning views.
This walks starts at Tisbury .Headed first through farmland ,well marked routes towards Swallowcliffe & Ansty,Nice Pond first of 8 !!!!
From here there is a Castle,Forest,Country house and the bendy River Nadder .O yeah and some frisky young bullocks around 30 ! stayed brave and chased them off !! :)

Here's some Photos of our day Enjoy :)

Church of St. John the Baptist, Tisbury 
with a couple of thirsty horses !

Tisbury Train station ,Take care we cross tracks twice on this walk.

Spring has sprung with Bluebells covering forest floor.

Wiltshire !! Blue skies rolling hills  

St Peter's Church Swallowcliffe

One of the 8 Small to medium lakes on walk,This one called Ansty Lake

Tall Pines towards Wardour

Old Wardour Castle ,Remains ,still £4.80 to get in .
We were quite happy having a sandwich here and admiring from afar :)

Old Gate in to castle grounds

What remains!stunning in this landscape . 

This Large House or Wardour Castle replaces the old ,not really a castle though ?

Another Lake Heron Pond

The Park Gate Farm Bullocks Frisky,Stampeding Frisians !!

No Fear,lots of arm waving ,stick waggling and shout like a farmer ! seemed to work 
 Not going in the hedge again !!!

Second railway crossing STOP<LOOK>LISTEN

Come on views !!

Cuckoo flower also out Orange tip,Tortoiseshells,Peacock butterflies seen today

And to end a stunning yellow rapeseed field on Blue gorgeous .

That's all for this week 
Let me know what ya think :)