Thursday, 19 March 2015

113.Portbury - Portishead circular (11.1 miles)


Parking @ Portbury BS20 7TN, UK

Sunshine promised so headed coastal ! only a heavy mist all day put pay to the far reaching views across Bristol channel and in to the valleys !. 
The walk starts in Portbury and while putting boots on heard a rustle in bushes about 5ft from me a Badger scarpered across behind van ! A Good start and within 30ft of M5 who of thought it .So after leaving Parking Past Pub The Priory we enter Priory Woods on entrance this unusual Road ,track or Ford ? 

Prior's Wood was once part of the Tyntesfield Estate who made their fortunes from cloth, guano, wine and fruit imports.

Prior's Wood now owned by Avon Wildlife Trust

our first view of the sea mmm..

Shrooms in dung

Coming down through Weston Big Wood Natural Reserve

Obviously Portishead in Spring

Our second view of sea ,not really getting better is it ?!

 Nice place for a sandwich and rest Hang Rock

Portishead Sentinel

Did you Know that  this is closest Point of land that Large ships can pass in uk ? no, not on the grass !

 Escaping from my photography skills !

 The ever growing Portishead Marina

Prices start from £165.000   and rise to £300.000 not bad see view for sure

Teasle in the sunlight By Nature reserve

The Portishead Railway Group has long campaigned for the Portishead to Bristol railway line to be re-opened.
Re-opening is now going ahead as a key part of the MetroWest project which will link and upgrade the railway system in the Bristol area.
The line is planned to open by May 2019 PRG

Just the Bridge over Main Road And M5 to Cross and done 
This picture still shows the heavy mist despite us almost in t-shirts !
A good walk with highlights Badger,Coastline .

Thats all for this week,
 check again next wednesday
 Cheers for now!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

112.Wookey Village to Henton (8.22 miles )


Parking @ Church Rd Wookey, Somerset BA5 1JW

Starting from Wookey Village and partly following the River Axe weaving round the 5 or so small hills ,but never quite getting to top of any of them ! A walk for maybe a dry sunny day, with many unmarked or badly marked footpaths O'yeah and muddy scored 5/10 because of.

First shot River Axe Wookey

This walks highlights Fords two of them,not many left now

Same ford ,not a long one but wet ! its actually 30 meters long.

This next Ford ,once rode pushbikes through :)

 Its 115 meters and about meter deep in places

Yarley Hill Motocross

Headless and wrong way !

The Mendips ahead

 This track very deep mud Point deducted :(

Glastonbury Tor in Distance ,
Weather at start of walk nearly sunny now getting misty and windy 

 Zoomed in on Tor

The smallest castle in uk ? 2 meters tall

In its full glory !! lol.
I think castle was high on hill behind,Castle has unknown origin,
Built by Little people i recon !! :))

 A Touch of color 

 Hey !!

Milk Churns and we have returned to Wookey 

Thanks for now,
Email we take requests pick an area we'll try to cover and make walk there :)

Thursday, 5 March 2015

111. Holcombe to Coleford Circular via (9.65 miles)


Parking @ BA35ED Holcombe

A walk that promised many features including Quarries,The somerset and Dorset Canal And Viaduct,But Most evidence of S&D Gone although Viaduct still visible, just at Coleford .
Might as well give up on Quarries as footpaths always not able to see quarries was hoping for dinner break at ,but no ! Always fenced off, these the 7 or 8th quarries we've tried now and last .
But with some lovely countryside around on the walk Small streams with a great waterfalls Views towards Downside Abbey, Stratton-on-the-Fosse.Very Pleasant and rural

Lane leaving Holcombe

 Downside Abbey, Stratton-on-the-Fosse.

Harridge Woods

St Dunstan Well here somewhere, is the exit to Stoke Lane Slocker below

Pretty vale or glade or....

Stoke Lane Slocker  goes for about 5th of miles ends at St Dunstan well the Series of chambers includes Bernard's Rift, which is 20 metres (66 ft) high and contains crystal pools containing calcite-encrusted goniatite snail shells, and cave pearls !!

Stoke Lane Quarry 
opened in 1945 Working has been intermittent since 1976 and stopped in 1993.

Cool Little Bridge

 One Roe Deer

 Two always that white rump at speed !

Really nice waterfall name unknown so i name it Bullock's Falls as Bullock's hill close by .

Another view of Bullock's Falls

Thought for a second a new tick !!

Coleford Aqueduct

Vobster Quarry  got there own web site ! But couldn't see it from top path well through fence.
 looked nice though.

A couple of ploughed fields now just to strengthen those ankles !

A Feature Babington house !! this small chapel.

The village of Babington dates from medieval times, but it appears to have 
been for the most part demolished to make way for the house around 1705 ! 
Typical eh !!
now owned in part by Neil morrissey and 
many "Famous"people have got married there.

As at mile point 7 and a bit ,we've still not stopped for break so this tree seemed about as good as it gets although the wind was very cold .we didn't stay long.

This maybe next walk towards that tower in distance Ammerdown Monument.

Thats all folks 
check next week for another fabulous walk in the Middle aged walk season.