Wednesday, 24 December 2014

102. Horton to Somerset Mon. And WETMOOR Woods (10.2 miles)


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Parking @ BS37 6QN

A Christmas Eve Walk starting at the Gloucester village of Horton.A Lovely Blue Sky greeted us and soon after leaving van we were in Open country side with far reaching views.With the Severn Bridges, Welsh Mountains as a back drop we contiuine along the Coltswold & Monarch Way footpaths towards the Somerset Monument a which stands at 100ft high on the Cotswold Edge at Hawkesbury.The Monument is to honour Lord Robert Edward Somerset A Navy Hero at Waterloo.
It was erected in 1846,and theres a bench !!
                         This first Part of Walk is 8.5 out of 10 but now starting to desend the hill the tracks start to Disapear into Wet fields Bogs and Wetmoor Woods,should have known WETMOOR WOODS ! The Award for worst Footpaths and Worst Sty goes to this walk with both of us getting very wet Boots and trousers !!!
Lots of Wildlife .Stonchat,Skylark,Meadow Pipit,Buzzard,Kestrel and Roe Deer.
Last Walk of the year this so Follow us next year for more fabulous Walks !!

 A Stonchat which folled us for1/4 mile !

 Somerset Monument

The 2014 Award for muddy Field goes to this one !

Then we got got WETMOOR WOODS ,Their not lying !!

 Still more of WETMOOR WOODS

 And More ! Will this every end !!

Thats it 2014 see you next year .:)

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

101.Sutton Veny Devils (9 miles)


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Parking @ BA12 7AG

A gap filler in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside starting at Sutton Veny And Quickly heading into the Green rolling fields,
       A Special place when the suns shines with shadows marking the many hillsides with lines and grooves, views for miles .Byways ,Ponds rivers & open fields a great but non evenfull walk.
Wildlife Plenty of Birds about Buzzards,Kestrel,Yellowhammer,Fieldfare,Redwing,Red Legged Partridge.

not long after start !

Frosty footpaths ,that time of year !

Rolling Shadowed hills

and Rolling...........

Lol ,Way Back couldnt keep up !

Field systems galore !

Thursday, 20 November 2014

100th Maw Tollard Royal (10.3 miles)


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Parking @SP55PW

This the 100th Walk A Special !!
Drove to Tollard Royal in Wiltshire 1hr 38 miles Weather Misty at first but brightened up as day went on.We were unable to find first footpath look at pictures for location,its just to right of pond small sty . So much for experenced walkers !! 
Anyway follow route its a good walk with forests amazing veiws a golf course, Birds, Deer and fairly easy footpaths.apart from first footpath.

Orange walk is ours don't follow it follow green all good !

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

99. A Pheasant walk (11 miles)


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Parking @ SN127HW

A Pheasant Walk starting at Maiden Bradley,Wiltshire,So called as first part of walk through Little and Great Bradley Woods there were 100s of pheasants.

Oak tree on its last 300 years 

Sweet Chestnuts tasty mmmmm..

Autumn's coming or here !

 Most of walk through the Witham Park Woods Fir,Beech 
and some oak well marked paths with no views !

 well some views !

From Woods headed towards Kilmington for some tricky navigation with no or lost footpath ! once on road by church headed towards Long Knoll Main Objective 288m or 944ft and 3rd highest hill in Wiltshire.

White Sheet hill at end of byway

 Long Knoll

 A view of some wires !

 Also no footpath signs at base of Long Knoll

The Accent

And the Views at last !

 Long Knoll good name as  Knoll means a small rounded hill,mound or hillock ,it was rising from the surrounding flat fields, a steep climb,goodish views from top . you can see Maiden Bradley from top and homeward route .

My 14th trig of the year!!

 Little knoll no access to this one.

 Somerset Arms Remember as a kids trips to weymouth with coaches stopping at his pub,things were different 30 years ago !

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