Wednesday, 6 December 2017

178. Severn Crossing


Parking at  Aust BS35 4BA

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Been thinking about this walk for some time and walk 175 took me over the top of the toll booths for the Severn crossing and made my mind up to do the walk over. 
A very grey day with a misty rainy start to the walk, parked at Aust as there is a 2 hour max parking at services.

Once on bridge you realise how windy it can get on the crossing, had to stop and change my baseball cap to a wooly one!

The crossing is easy with just the odd service vehicle and cyclist, you also notice the curve of the bridge, it was high tide so the grey skies and brown water not giving thee best of views.

It really makes you realise how big and what a amazing structure the bridge is originally built in May 1961 and opened in Sept 1966. Also 6 Men have died in the construction and maintenance of it too!

Once off the bridge the noise from the traffic soon subsides, our next port of call would be Chepstow Castle but not before we wind our way through the housing estates of Chepstow.

At Chepstow Castle i seemed to be the only one here, a single workman and one visitor to the castle. i sat on bench and had some Butternut Squash soup.

After Castle i headed to the Old Wye Bridge and then followed the Welsh Coastal path to return towards the Severn crossing.

Through more housing estates

A view of my walk to Oldbury Power station 176 , weather not much better!

A salmon, a nod to the River Wye which can just be seen through the trees.

Back to the bridge, this time the other side.

View down to Beachley and the once thriving ferry, which closed when bridge opened in 1966.

1 mile to go, i was quite glad the journey back was just a bit of a trudge, notice the 40mph board  the wind was blowing a hooley.

Not that we left but... nice to think i've done it but not sure if i wanna do it again 11.5 miles.

Next week something much more rural i think, no traffic and blue skies i hope!

That's all for this week, join me again next week  :)

Friday, 1 December 2017

177.Burrington Ham + Beacon Batch (Miles 7.5)


Parking at Blagdon  BS40 7RS

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Seen a picture in the week and this week decided to go there, Burrington Combe area. Starting at the village of Blagdon. Beautiful sunshine and blue skies but a bit nippy!
 Blagdon Lake below.

Centranthus ruber, also called Red valerian, Looking fantastic against the blue sky.

After a bit of uphill and a couple of fields i came to the picture, Burrington Ham overlooking Blagdon with views out towards Bristol Airport and the Bristol channel.

Far distance is Wales.

Closer view.

After leaving the Ham behind i came to Burrington combe a very steep and slippery descent but great views from top.

Aveline's Hole is a cave at Burrington Combe in the limestone of the Mendip Hills,
the earliest scientifically dated cemetery in Britain, 10,200 and 10,400 years old, wow didn't know that, it's right next to the road and worth having a look in.

A steep climb now up on to Blackdown Hill and Beacon Batch, this looking back to Burrington Ham.

The views even better this side.

There was a fairly large herd of Ponies and cows on top, didn't even look at me.

Then after a bit of panting Beacon Batch trigpoint comes into view, the highest Point on the the Mendips. It stands at 325m / 1066ft

 Almost african savanna, except it was bloody freezing !

While walking to aerials in next shot heard then saw a group of 200 golden Plover circling in the skies above, a great sight.

No better place to be i only saw 6 people on whole walk!

Here's 4 of them.

Finally i came back to the view i started with Blagdon lake, a great walk and even better with blue skies, worth the effort for sure.

That's all for this week, join me again next week  :)