Thursday, 30 July 2015

125.Corsham Lanes


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Parking @ Furzehill, Corsham SN13 9UU

A Walk this week from Corsham in Wiltshire.We Start Following up Pound  Pill hill towards this fine building The Corsham Almshouses that were built 1688 as a Schoolroom,and are unaltered since they were was built ! Meant to provide housing for 6 poor people and education for 10 poor children.

Now we enter Corsham court wide Open fields A lovely lake and St Bartholomew's church.

Corsham was a royal manor in the days of the Saxon kings, reputed to have been a seat of Ethelred the Unready. After William the Conqueror, the manor continued to be passed down through the generations in the royal family. During the 16th century, the manor went to two of Henry VIII's wives, namely Catherine of Aragon until 1536, and Katherine Parr until 1548.

Canada Geese flying to next picture,Probably

Corsham Lake

Crossing the Bristol to London Main line.

A Very Pleasant spot for a sandwich ,just a field but !

Railway ventilation shaft for box tunnel

Small pond Think at the Ridge .

 Mrs Mallard enjoying the sunshine

Great looking plants in this garden, fine specimens !

St. Philip and St. James, Neston

This was HMS Royal Arthur now another housing development,I used to deliver to gate house 25 years ago ! Although on wiki says it shut 1950 ! looked a bit further 1993 it shut 

Didn't look like this ,remember Guards coming out to meet me ,think they'd struggle now !

After we follow over exit of Box tunnel you come to the final stop of the day and almost end of walk ,Corsham lake ,After leaving here it poured down for 10 mins ! its July !  and no waterproof for me.Not forecast :(

And End .Thanks for looking if you did :)

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

124.Wick to Pucklechurch (9 miles)


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Parking @ BridgeYate BS30 5XN

A walk not to far from home this week and the weather was not promising ,in July !
Starting out from Bridgeyate and heading along the Dramway Path walk that follows sections of the route of a nineteenth century tramway which carried coal from Coalpit Heath in the Bristol coalfield down to the River Avon.Through the Warmly Forest park ,Nice place.Then you come to Siston Court,Look at that sky only a matter of time!

Siston Court from other side 

From here heading on to Pucklechurch well edge of missing prison ,well hidden. 
Through a few more fields Many Many horses on this walk ,No Cows !!
 We come to Abson Ford to deep to wade.

The Trees On Freezing hill ,A Great landmark ,
Although we've tried not yet mange to picnic underneath yet !
Oh yeah now its raining.

This is Wick Quarry and Rocks visited the other side on Walk 66.

Where's Rod Hull when you need him ! An Emu

After Passing through quarry ! I know quarries usually out of bounds Wick quarry footpath goes right through upper bit .This chap Working hard as is Quarry.

Bury Manor Castle was actually a castle many moons ago still looks pretty smart.

Approaching the River Boyd This the 3rd Buzzard we've seen Plus Many House Sparrow,Yellowhammers Quiet a few butterflies on walk too Marbled whites,Gatekeeepers and Meadow Browns .

The River Boyd which after 2.77 miles from here runs into the River Avon 

 The Rain gone away for another day walk almost complete and blue skies ! Nice

That's all for now check back soon :)

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

123.Nunney to Witham Friary (9 miles)


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Parking @ Castle Hill, Nunney, Frome BA11 4NL, UK

A Walk this week from Nunney Lots of parking around here with a great castle which is free to wander round

Once you leave Nunney Castle notice Nunney Brook on your left a very pretty little bit of Brook .

Lots of Lakes or field ponds about but all fenced off :(

 Church of St Leonard, Marston Bigot

Marston Bigot Park encompasses approximately 222 hectares and includes Marston House, Marston Pond and the remains of the medieval shrunken village of Lower Marston (Shrunken ?) wiki 
Foster Yeoman the owners in 2012 put the house on the market at a price of £6 million. !

Just had 2 Roe deer dart across in front of us ,a stag stayed in field then disappered ! O yeah now its raining !

After some very wet and long grass ,i'm sure beautiful on a dry day,but today wet and hard work.Then after crossing another field with cows in we came to this sign ,LOL

Then more overgrown paths this one 4-5ft grass stingers and thistles !

Large solar farm with a view to Marston house

Then a Broad bean Track ,notice Pheasant on field ,didn't even see him !

It's getting tiresome now ,another bad path not marked .

Then we came to Witham Friary Fishing lakes ,thought it would be a highlight :(  had dinner sat on wet grass no fishermen or signs of fish ? maybe closed couldn't find much on web for it . 

After Lakes and dinner we carried on our path only to stopped in are tracks by a large heard of cows our path was to go right through middle of them,
 my companion ,and me chose not to and we decide to about turn then
 following lane back to Nunney passing through Trudoxhill 
The name Trudoxhill comes from the Old English treow meaning tree, dox for dark and hyll for hill ,instresting eh .
Below Nunney Castle just squeezed in.

a few more of castle

A small but stunning castle. Did i mention it was free !

A walk with many wet hard footpaths with lots of cows Castle a definite highlight.

Till next week