Wednesday, 1 July 2015

122.Clutton To South & North Widcombe (10.2 Miles )


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Parking @ Clutton, Bristol BS39 5SS, UK

A walk starting at Clutton ,On leaving Clutton and in field over the A37 with bright blue skies and sunshine i kid you not saw a shooting star !! Apparently if the shooter is big enough they can be seen in day time ! A first for me anyway .Heading across many Fields like this one we come to Sutton Hill.

 Chew valley starting to come in to view.

 And some good views over Sutton Wick

After many more fields and a diversion for cows ! were in to South Widcombe and the straight over Herriot's Bridge,Chew valley lake ,but we turn here.

This looking back to South Widcombe.

After more cows some with young then a heard of Frisian calves which thanks to a dog they stampeded away from us we ran for stile ! Good doggie ! we head up to Prospect stile dinner stop.

Temp today is hot at least 24 and its only 10 am ! So getting to this stop point was nice,with great views and we could see weather changing in fact felt a few drops of rain.

Bright blue skies not 30 mins before !

only a few more fields left.

St James @ Cameley
On the south post is a coat of arms with two red chevrons, which is believed to be of the St Maur family (which later became the Seymour family). Almeric de St Maur was master of the Knights Templar in England and a signatory on the Magna Carta. This arms represents evidence of the link between Cameley and Temple Cloud to the Knights Templar. 


The church is dedicated to St Augustine of Hippo ? and was built as is today around 1726

And back Phew! 

until the next one :)

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