Thursday, 25 June 2015

121.Cheddar up Mendip way (11 miles )

9.5/10 !!

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Parking @ Edmunds Way, Cheddar BS27 3PD

A simply great walk can be walked either way we choose to follow the West Mendips way towards Draycott Sleights Views everywhere and on this gorgeous day they were stunning !!

Its a steep path but if you stop every few minutes to look around you'll be rewarded 

A small tree for a banana stop provided shade a another view 

Glastonbury Festival start today no sign of the site yet !

Looking into Draycott Sleights a Butterfly heaven ,we saw Marbled whites,common blue,large skipper and many meadow Browns.

Glastonbury ,Poldens,Exmoor its all there !

solo plane takes of from Draycott Sleights Gliding club

A number of these little beauties about ,Common Spotted Orchid

A lot of cows and Bulls around,3 fields we had to cross but all good,these with Crooks Peak,Brean down can be seen behind .

This picture taken by me on the walk Priddy walk in the mist 2012 !! 

Bit better today !!

 The Penn Transmitter Seen many times on many walks .

Oh Bullocks !

After crossing the field with the bullocks in and walked a 1.6 mile quiet lane you come to Yoxter Training Camp it is a British Army training area and camp owned by the Wessex Reserve Forces' and Cadets' Association

Then at first thought it was a shoe lace in road but it was Grass Snake ! Dead rear end flat but still stunning ! @ around 10 inches long

My next one hope to be alive !

Now into Velvet Bottom and old minneries now lovely  with  little flowers covering the floor
Common St. Johnswort the yellow one not sure of the Purple one ?

a mile or so on we come to Black Rock also Minnery with its old Lime kiln can still be seen

Next the Gorge with more great views in to and on to Somerset levels and beyond although weather turned a bit cloudier now.

Cheddar Gorge Rock Face ,the green kind 

Tiny ants around 244 meters away .

The half point was dropped because of this path :( so nearly a 10/10 !
but this after 11 miles hurt the knees.

Cheddar ahead the last footpath of the day.

But a Mr Whippy was calling and a slush puppy for the Puppy !

While the ice cream was devoured the Cheddar Yeo Was the end of  a excellent walk RECOMMENED !

Check back next week for more Ramblings Thanks for looking 

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