Friday, 24 June 2016

148.Corston Brook fail


Parking @ Corsham SN13 0LE

Another walk close to home,Weather was shocking ! it's June !!
Starting at Corsham,Leafy Lane to be precise. Route was suppose to follow the rest of Bybrook up the valley below this picture we've done other bit from box a couple of years ago.Started walk footpath missing one we took was very Wet !

After a mile or so we come to Bybrook and very pretty !

Then it seemed a few more miles rain was harder grass was wet,not many views of brook if fact not many views of anything so decided to detour and shorten walk , this bit going up through Rudloe Wood.Rain stopped now !

Very Green must be all the rain !

Normally you can see into Bath from here, Not today.

A highlight well, not for the birds ! Nice to see something but better if they were flying free!

Female Peacock kept separate from the Cocks !

Maybe best view of the walk, again sunny day Bathampton, Bath and Beyond .

Fact Point.                                           RAF Rudloe Manor
Built 1939 Played a part in the Battle of Britain. No.10 Group Fighter Command,  December 1939 - May 1945 formerly RAF Box. 
                The station was established on top of quarries from which Bath Stone had been extracted. In the 1930s some of the tunnels had been converted for use as a Central Ammunition Depot. The vast caverns had some 2,250,000 square feet (209,000 m2) of space, divided into many smaller chambers. WIKI

Another glorious view after just crossing the A4. Hope next week better weather !! 

Thanks for looking
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