Thursday, 2 June 2016

146.Mid norton S& D to Chilcompton Return Please (part 2)


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Parking @  BA3 4PU

Missed a few weeks as had my holidays, check my birding blog here went to Portugal some great birds and sunshine ! Not much sunshine today however,started at Midsomer Norton and todays walk a revisit to a walk we've already done but in reverse look here 13/03/2013,and old website how things have changed !
First pic is of Mid Norton old Railway station .

Last time here was a different story with foliage and overgrown brambles,cleared now looks ready for more track !

Evidence of the past and the many coal collieries around here .

Giant hyssopin hedgerow i think ?

Previous walk we missed this small brook, seem to have taken the non existent footpath above! before the days of my gps !

a shame as a really nice green path !

Fields of Buttercups everywhere Summertime at its best despite rain !

Misty views over to Downside Abbey

More Railway stock 

Station now opened up to visitors with cafe and im sure train rides in the future ! but not today .That brings us back to Midsomer norton and finish a nice walk not high scoring but worth the effort.

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