Friday, 24 June 2016

148.Corston Brook fail


Parking @ Corsham SN13 0LE

Another walk close to home,Weather was shocking ! it's June !!
Starting at Corsham,Leafy Lane to be precise. Route was suppose to follow the rest of Bybrook up the valley below this picture we've done other bit from box a couple of years ago.Started walk footpath missing one we took was very Wet !

After a mile or so we come to Bybrook and very pretty !

Then it seemed a few more miles rain was harder grass was wet,not many views of brook if fact not many views of anything so decided to detour and shorten walk , this bit going up through Rudloe Wood.Rain stopped now !

Very Green must be all the rain !

Normally you can see into Bath from here, Not today.

A highlight well, not for the birds ! Nice to see something but better if they were flying free!

Female Peacock kept separate from the Cocks !

Maybe best view of the walk, again sunny day Bathampton, Bath and Beyond .

Fact Point.                                           RAF Rudloe Manor
Built 1939 Played a part in the Battle of Britain. No.10 Group Fighter Command,  December 1939 - May 1945 formerly RAF Box. 
                The station was established on top of quarries from which Bath Stone had been extracted. In the 1930s some of the tunnels had been converted for use as a Central Ammunition Depot. The vast caverns had some 2,250,000 square feet (209,000 m2) of space, divided into many smaller chambers. WIKI

Another glorious view after just crossing the A4. Hope next week better weather !! 

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Thursday, 9 June 2016

147.Castles,Peacocks & Donkeys (11 miles)


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Parking @ Winscombe BS25 1JX

A walk starting at Winscombe this week with as the title says a Castle,1 Donkey and 1 Peacock but with much more. Some great views although today temp being around 23 but extremely misty or hazy making photography challenging !

First view out towards Crook Peak lovely warm day but soooo hazy.

After a few fields we come to Banwell Castle,
The land on which the house is built was owned by the Bishop of Bath and Wells. Suprise ! It was sold to John and Joan Landown in 1753. It was passed down to the Sympson family; John Dyer Sympson, a solicitor from London built the castle as his home. It was completed in 1847  and embellished in the 1880s by Sir Elskin Baker.
The castle was bought and sold many times in the subsequent 100 years. In World War II it was taken over by the Royal Air Force and used as the headquarters for No. 955 Squadron, which was a barrage balloon unit and part of Balloon Command. The gatehouse was used by the local Air Raid Precautions.It is now a bed and breakast .WIKI

Next to Castle this fine looking fellow lives although a birder myself not sure if i'd like to live next door as he was quite noisy !

This Banwell Hill very quiet area just fields and trees .

But along track you can start to hear the M5 and another view of he misty Crook Peak.

What ...? i Can't hear you .Peace shattered !

But soon we leave behind the noise and start our climb up the west Mendip Way very nice too !

Visibility not getting better but temperature getting hotter

Just before we descend into Loxton a very nice bench complete with cave which goes into hillside for some 157m and Rope swing.

After walking through Loxton we again see Crook peak,and the Crook which must give it's name

M5 noise again and Motorway signage informing drivers the rip off fuel prices !

The next bit confusing as footpath not clear where i had planned on going up after much wandering we continued along Barton Road then followed up the West Mendip Way onto Crook Peak.

Bit of B/W still hazy !! Thats Loxton below.

On Top Crook Peak Walkers for scale.

Cheddar Reservoir can just be seen!

 Weston Super Mare cannot be seen,on a clear day Wales and the Valleys can be seen !

Finally the sun starting to break through now ,these cows itching that itch !

Common Spotted Orchid looking good .

Also a nice chunk of Dryad's Saddle or
Pheasant Back Mushroom or  Hawks Wing looks good enough to eat,can be fried up and eaten ,it think !

Banwell castle through the mist , still !

Winscombe Wood

Then from the woods St.James the Great Church appears !

Church good but Yew Tree Better and get a hug from Andy !

Nearly back now,this puddle or lake had a lovely reflection .

After 2 more fields, a short section of the Strawberry Railway Line as below we Are back and rest !
A lovely walk on the right day outstanding views, great woodland and with quietness of the West Mendip way stunning also contrasting the noise of the M5, 
worth the effort on any day !

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Thursday, 2 June 2016

146.Mid norton S& D to Chilcompton Return Please (part 2)


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Parking @  BA3 4PU

Missed a few weeks as had my holidays, check my birding blog here went to Portugal some great birds and sunshine ! Not much sunshine today however,started at Midsomer Norton and todays walk a revisit to a walk we've already done but in reverse look here 13/03/2013,and old website how things have changed !
First pic is of Mid Norton old Railway station .

Last time here was a different story with foliage and overgrown brambles,cleared now looks ready for more track !

Evidence of the past and the many coal collieries around here .

Giant hyssopin hedgerow i think ?

Previous walk we missed this small brook, seem to have taken the non existent footpath above! before the days of my gps !

a shame as a really nice green path !

Fields of Buttercups everywhere Summertime at its best despite rain !

Misty views over to Downside Abbey

More Railway stock 

Station now opened up to visitors with cafe and im sure train rides in the future ! but not today .That brings us back to Midsomer norton and finish a nice walk not high scoring but worth the effort.

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