Wednesday, 4 May 2016

145. Blagdon To Felton Common (10 miles)


Parking @ Blagdon, BS40 7TE

Closer to home this week starting at Blagdon and after leaving the houses behind we enter fields and views over Blagdon Lake ,the build started in 1898 and was completed in 1905.

We started around 8am and mist covering Blagdon.

Combe Lodge  home to the Wills Tobacco Company. Built from 1928-1932.

Cool looking inbeded post

Soon after finding a vague path we come across remains of The Wrington Vale Light 
Railway more on this later.

Crossing the fields towards Aldwick at least 3 Hares racing across the grassland.
This one facing off the crow !

Always one Black Sheep.

A stunning Day with Blue skies a great views over towards Beacon Batch.

Another view to Beacon Batch the Mendips highest point at 325 m (1,066 ft)

After walking some quiet lanes and fields we come to Felton Common which over looks Bristol Airport and a good place to stop for early lunch.

With the odd plane and helicopter taking off and flying almost over our heads .

After Lunch a few more lanes a typical sign post of the area.

Crook Peak in distance about 9 miles in a straight line.

Lovely looking valley with Butcombe nestling below.

Soon we reach Blagdon Lake and another break on the shores. Blagdon depth is 14ft to 32 ft at its deepest.

This the Pumping Station and contained 4 Beam Engines biggest one is 34 ft long weighing 20tons ! Now just 2 engines remain and is now a visitor center.

This the real only part of the Railway which ran from Congresbury on the Cheddar Valley line to Blagdon, Constructions of the line started in 1897 and it opened in 1901. Never more than a purely local line, it closed to passengers in 1931, and completely in 1963.Wiki

Would have been excellent to see Steam trains in action here.

A final Oak tree to end on a blue sky day a lovely almost car free walk with beautiful countryside.

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