Wednesday, 8 July 2015

123.Nunney to Witham Friary (9 miles)


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Parking @ Castle Hill, Nunney, Frome BA11 4NL, UK

A Walk this week from Nunney Lots of parking around here with a great castle which is free to wander round

Once you leave Nunney Castle notice Nunney Brook on your left a very pretty little bit of Brook .

Lots of Lakes or field ponds about but all fenced off :(

 Church of St Leonard, Marston Bigot

Marston Bigot Park encompasses approximately 222 hectares and includes Marston House, Marston Pond and the remains of the medieval shrunken village of Lower Marston (Shrunken ?) wiki 
Foster Yeoman the owners in 2012 put the house on the market at a price of £6 million. !

Just had 2 Roe deer dart across in front of us ,a stag stayed in field then disappered ! O yeah now its raining !

After some very wet and long grass ,i'm sure beautiful on a dry day,but today wet and hard work.Then after crossing another field with cows in we came to this sign ,LOL

Then more overgrown paths this one 4-5ft grass stingers and thistles !

Large solar farm with a view to Marston house

Then a Broad bean Track ,notice Pheasant on field ,didn't even see him !

It's getting tiresome now ,another bad path not marked .

Then we came to Witham Friary Fishing lakes ,thought it would be a highlight :(  had dinner sat on wet grass no fishermen or signs of fish ? maybe closed couldn't find much on web for it . 

After Lakes and dinner we carried on our path only to stopped in are tracks by a large heard of cows our path was to go right through middle of them,
 my companion ,and me chose not to and we decide to about turn then
 following lane back to Nunney passing through Trudoxhill 
The name Trudoxhill comes from the Old English treow meaning tree, dox for dark and hyll for hill ,instresting eh .
Below Nunney Castle just squeezed in.

a few more of castle

A small but stunning castle. Did i mention it was free !

A walk with many wet hard footpaths with lots of cows Castle a definite highlight.

Till next week 

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