Thursday, 12 March 2015

112.Wookey Village to Henton (8.22 miles )


Parking @ Church Rd Wookey, Somerset BA5 1JW

Starting from Wookey Village and partly following the River Axe weaving round the 5 or so small hills ,but never quite getting to top of any of them ! A walk for maybe a dry sunny day, with many unmarked or badly marked footpaths O'yeah and muddy scored 5/10 because of.

First shot River Axe Wookey

This walks highlights Fords two of them,not many left now

Same ford ,not a long one but wet ! its actually 30 meters long.

This next Ford ,once rode pushbikes through :)

 Its 115 meters and about meter deep in places

Yarley Hill Motocross

Headless and wrong way !

The Mendips ahead

 This track very deep mud Point deducted :(

Glastonbury Tor in Distance ,
Weather at start of walk nearly sunny now getting misty and windy 

 Zoomed in on Tor

The smallest castle in uk ? 2 meters tall

In its full glory !! lol.
I think castle was high on hill behind,Castle has unknown origin,
Built by Little people i recon !! :))

 A Touch of color 

 Hey !!

Milk Churns and we have returned to Wookey 

Thanks for now,
Email we take requests pick an area we'll try to cover and make walk there :)

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