Friday, 28 October 2016

158.Gold hill or EE BY Gum


Parking @ Shaftesbury SP7 8LQ

Starting at Shaftesbury in Dorset and A very misty start to the walk, started early as well !

Very damp as well with some very muddy tracks.

This the veiw up to Melbury hill from the A350 or not !

Another Trigpoint in fact trig number 95 !

After admiring the view from top, mmmm. We headed down hill towards Spread eagle hill.

On looking back at bottom blue skies starting to show through!

Turning into a lovely day now.

A few steam engines in this yard rusting away.

Long Bottom a very nice path back towards Shaftesbury.

Stump with many Sulfur tufts on.

At end of a Long Bottom this cool looking pond, Duckweed Green looking ace ! 

Just before civilization a small family of goats ready to nibble at anything
 including our coats !

Once into Shaftebury the second reason for the walk first being Melbury hill and this being Gold hill, seem familiar ?...........

Small boy riding down hill on bike ? Heres a clue   link    and to think 1973 ! seems like yesterday almost !

After that flashback in time ! we finish walk overlooking where we've parked and looking out onto a still misty Melbury hill.

Thats all for this week, join me again next week  :)
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