Wednesday, 5 October 2016

156.Charmy Down and Bannerdown


 Parking @ Batheaston, Bath BA1 7HS

Today only 6 miles from home and North End at Batheaston the start. Lots of parking, free. The start is all uphill toward RAF Charmy Down or was , done a another walk up this way in 2013 but not this part, it really shows what a large area it is up there !

With still a few Building left from its RAF days.

What is they say God country ! Plenty of sky here.

Control tower can be seen in distance, not sure if any planes still land here judging by the sign id say no. In fact last plane landed here in 1946 site closed in 1950's.

Heres a closer view of the control tower, not wearing well i suppose it is 66 years old.

From the top head on down through farm and towards 
Monkswood Reservoir built in 1876 .They supply the city of Bath. 

Through this valley for a better view of res.         

The water comes from 150 springs in the area and is so pure it only needs 
 straining through copper gauze and chlorinating.           

Dumb ass hunter after Wood Pigeon i think !

Stunning blue sky reflecting on water making it a great place for lunch. Although this as close as you can get.

46 Canada Geese and 1 Cormorant on lake also a  Buzzard cruising overhead.

Following on along Catherine's valley and brook we come to Catherine's Court. 
Famous for  Jane Seymour,  The Cure recorded their album Wild Mood Swings, The rock band Radiohead recorded most of their 1997 album OK Computer there. English Rock/Electronic Band New Order also recorded part of their 2005 album Waiting for the Sirens' Call there. The property was also rented by Robbie Williams, as seen in the first episode of MTV Cribs. wiki
Being a Taxi driver i picked Robbie up from Bath one night and took him to the House! Didn't recognize him till he got out !! Claim to fame !

From here we start the climb up to Bannerdown.

A lovely day with some great views.

Once on top we touch the Trigpoint.

Following on round a bench and a final sit down to admire the view over Bath.

That's all for now .

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