Thursday, 12 February 2015

108.High & Lows Of The Somerset Levels (10 miles)


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Parking @ TA116PA _ Dundon

An almost Mountainous :)
 walk this one but surprisingly easy With good paths,mostly.
                  Views towards Glastonbury,Most of the levels Bridgwater ,Taunton And Beyond ,Normally ! 
Today was very Grey overcast no blue skies .
Starting at Dundon with views towards the Polden hills which run for around 10 miles And Dundon Hillfort dating back to Bronze age,Although today we aren't going to fort.
Dundon beacon hill fort in background.

This looking towards Hill Fort from the Polden Way path

Gorse starting to bloom

Gilling Down Nature Reserve with erosion on hillside

In the trees looking,hence darkness, out to our final destination Lollover hill

The Admiral Hood monument is 110 feet tall . There was originally a doorway in the base, but this was sealed in 1990. The crown is a sculpture on a nautical theme with the sterns of four galleons interspersed with four mainsails above laurel wreaths and surmounted by a naval crown. 

It was carved by Gahagan of Bath.
It was originally linked to the Hood family home at Butleigh by a mile long avenue of cedar trees

Spring on the way Crocuses in bloom

On way up Lollover hill now 
How many swans ! 
Well...i count 76 there was 2 fields with as many in other field 150 Swans in total at least  !

For all my fans which i think there just the one ! 
Heres me @ sumit of Lollover hill 
295 feet 35⁄16inches the hill, i'm only 5-9 !

So walk started at height of 43 ft 
up to 388 ft back to 20 ft , 295 ft 
then 43 ft to finish Over a pleasent 10 miles  highs and lows.
next time i come here sunshine and butterflies !
Thats it for now ,where next any requests ?

Thanks for looking 

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