Thursday, 26 February 2015

110.Colerne Humps (9.8 miles)


Parking @ Colerne SN14 8EW

Although low score of 6/10 its a great walk we've slightly changed the scoring system 6/10 is above average ,Great views ,Lakes,Airfield Some views of estate house's. Footpaths Mostly good although a few very muddy ones. Very Well signposted.

Looking towards Ashley & Box

Tracks towards Thickwood

Colerne And mackerel sky

Bathampton in far right distance 

 Luckham Park Grounds a great little valley and brook


Marsh Tit  terrible picture ! Other wildlife Flock of 30 yellowhammer lots of chaffinch,Buzzards,Raven.

Saltlick sheep

Happy families !

 Track into Marshfield

 Track to hell or track out of marshfield more like through marshy field  !

See ! i went through it puppy didn't 

Great house with great view marshfield

Douglas Fir grounds of Ashwick hall

Crossing busy road views out to Wiltshire downs

Colerne Water Tower Is approximately 30 meters (100 ft) high, and replaced an older water tower that was part of a 1930's scheme to bring mains water to the town.

 The amazing grounds of Westwood House,owned by Terence Charles Mordaunt owner of 13 different companies mainly in shipping.

Uphill now back to Colerne,sorry bout that .

Thanks for looking 

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