Thursday, 6 April 2017

167. A Trigpoint & 12 waterfalls


Parking @ CF44 9JX Penderyn Wales

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A birthday special this week, Andy being 51 years very old !
Being as he is Welsh another trip over the bridge as is the tradition and this time and after last weeks brilliant walk more waterfalls.
We headed for Penderyn just on the edge of the Brecon Beacons some 80 miles from home. Started up the steep slope from Penderyn with views of Pen y Fan.

The Trigpoint on Moel Penderyn at 371m, Penderyn is houses in center of frame, below. It only took around 23 mins !

Me at Trig only my 84th and a beautiful day.

 With commanding views over the hole walk. 
A good start to our day,starting on a high.

Our first Waterfall on the way down is a small detour and very steep steps down but definitely worth it .Called Sychryd Waterfall

Follow on down to Road and follow for around 1/2 mile we come to Pontneddfechan
And now the waterfalls trails start proper, around every turn there's another, not sure of this ones name.

To my surprise a Dipper ! saw around 10 Dippers on the whole walk, singing and streaking along rivers. Wish i had my big lens !

The Dipper in picture above, was still on this waterfall, right hand side top.
Its called Sgwd Gwladus/Lady Falls and has a drop of 20ft, 6 meters and is spectacular.

After crossing the river by jumping and wading through ! we carried on up to find another two waterfalls further up we came to Craig Cilfach-bronwydd Falls and had to cross river again by hopping across rocks......I fell in ! Up to my knees very wet and cold but think this made Andy's day, it was his birthday after all, I did it on purpose, not ! 
I tried to get a picture of Andy crossing and falling in but not sure how, he managed to stay Dry !

 Returning the way we came and passing Pump Pwll Falls i dried off and emptied by boots.

Following on more minor waterfalls but just as spectacular.

Horseshoe Falls/Sgwd y Bedol or Sgwd Ddwli Isaf

I forgot my ND filter on camera, but think F22 3rd sec shutter worked quite well.

Sgwd Ddwli they just keep coming !

Leaving the River and falls behind we now head  towards Pont Melin Fach and climb a few tracks and then onto a road to head for the Four Waterfalls walk. The Trigpoint from this morning can be seen from here.

These are different waterfalls and the earlier one were devoid of people every waterfall we came to had people visiting and posing for pictures. couldn't get down to this one but its called Sgwd Clun Gwyn.

Sgwd Isaf Clun Gwyn.

Sgwd y Pannwr.

Me for scale.

Plenty of photo opportunities and more Dippers here Singing! 
Never heard before and beautiful to hear. 

After continuing along the very well marked path and signposts telling you 10mins down and 25 mins up all very handy. we come  probably the most famous and most visited Falls in Wales, Sgwd yr Eira/Upper Cilhepste Falls.

You can walk behind easily, i was being very careful as i had now dried off !

You'll be lucky to be there by yourself, people taking selfies and screaming and shouting.

We walked through and stopped on the other side.

The guy in white hood decided he was gonna ring everyone he knew! but a great place to sit and wonder.

No Pot of gold but it's a 10/10 from me !

Last hill was the one leaving the falls with blue skies and sunshine, unusual for wales!

A special place worth coming back in maybe winter with a bit more flow on the rivers and maybe ice. Wales stunning !

Thats all for this week, join me again next week  :)

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