Sunday, 5 March 2017

165.Round About Keynsham


Parking @ Saltford BS31 3AJ

A walk close to home this week taking in Saltford, Keynsham with surrounding Vales and the River Avon ,then ending along Bristol to Bath Cycle Path.

The first Picture is taken from the Wellsway looking towards Keynsham , not much to photograph before this point.

Next down to the River Chew and Chewton Place.

Chewton Place The 3-star Hotel ,mmmm not sure it still is 3 star but was a conference center and wedding location, maybe soon ?

Looking now to the Wellsway and Keynsham again.

Spring time Lambs i suppose it is March, these looks as though they are a few weeks if not months old.

Keynsham Rugby ground and St Johns the Baptist Church .

Our path follows along side and below the A4 Bypass, not that inspiring!

St. Johns again and Keynsham High Street.

over the A4

Over the train Station.

Next down and over the River Avon looking here at the old Keynsham Cadburys built in 1923 and was the home of Fry's Chocolate Cream, the Double Decker, Dairy Milk, Chocolate Buttons, Cream Eggs and Mini Eggs, Cadbury's Fudge, Chomp and Crunchie.
 It has since moved to Poland and closed down. 
Now being redeveloped for 700 homes.

As you pass over the Bridge you'll see the Lock keeper pub and Weir, a good place to sit for a sandwich . Getting a bit arty !

Without the Crystal ball.

Next following on along the River Avon the old boat works in its full stride in 1881,
but now mostley commercial business, but some boat repairs still go on there .

Cold Bath House built in Mid-C19.and a listed building.

After passing Noel Edmund's house, you'll notice all the Video cameras before you come up on to the Bristol and Bath Railway Path .

Not exactly straight but summer month a few steam train still pass along here.

On the tracks.

Adds something .... not sure what ?

After coming off Railway path at the Bird in Hand Pub then follow on up into Saltford a final view of Kelston Round hill, done on a previous walk. we arrive back at beginning.

Thats all for this week, join me again next week  :)

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