Sunday, 8 January 2017

162. Cadbury - Dolebury Hill


Parking @ Wrington BS40 5LN

Another hole filled on my maps, this one starting in Wrington nr Bristol a taking in Cadbury Hill the across the lowlands to Dolebury Warren. Total walk is 10.7 miles.
The first picture is half way up Cadbury hill.

After a wander ! Through the woodlands where signage was hard to follow even with gps and no view or fort at top of hill or none we could find we come down off the hill to the River Yeo.

At this point a collie dog starts to follow us.

After around a quarter of a mile the dog leaves us to find our own way, it seemed that the dog was escorting us off his land !

A fairly non photographic walk at this point but a field of Lamas always brightens up the day.

Soon we come to The climb, a steep climb, up through woods to Dolebury Warren.
Worth the climb for sure with great views out across to Bristol channel and Crook Peak in this one.

My new prop ! With Crook peak in background.


A great stop for dinner here with stunning views of where we've walked and what was left to walk. Landford below and ahead the Mountains of Wales.

Could spend all day up here the sun was trying to come out lighting up different points on are vista's.
Brean Down in distance.

Still misty but The valley and peaks of Wales looking inviting .

After a pleasant stroll along the top of the Warren we descend to where 
Mendip Lodge Estate used to be not much left now, was demolished in 1950's and built in the 1800's but used to boast 11 bedrooms and must of had some stunning views.

Leaving the hill behind and arriving into Burrington the sun comes out ! But lights up Cadbury hill ahead. it looks much better from here !

Walking across fields back towards Wrington flocks of Starlings in picture with Many fieldfare and Redwings fill the skies , A great Sight !

Dolebury Warren in background with the Sheep looking bemused. 
soon back to Wrington a fairly nice walk the second part with Dolebury being the highlight .

Thats all for this week, join me again next week  :)

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  1. I love sheep so much :) And your blog of course :)