Friday, 26 August 2016

154.Symondsbury to Charmouth Coastal


Parking @ Symondsbury  DT6 6HF

A walk this week from Dorset starting in Symondsbury heading inland first, first path is this amazing sandstone and fern lined grotto, craving in the rocks as well !

Counted 10 Pheasants who continued to lead the way up this footpath.

Once on top hill called Hardown Hill with a Elevation of 207 m or 679 ft a carpet of Colour awaits with Heather, Gorse and ferns .

See !

From half way up Chardown hill the view towards the Blackdown hills

After Chardown on to Stonebarrow hill and a lovely view out towards Charmouth and Lyme Regis.

Marking the way forward.

Golden Cap ahead and still very misty despite being very warm around 22c

Wheatears and this Stonechat juv. mark the way to Golden Cap.

Middle of picture 2 people for scale !

A lovely slow amble if a little warm .

Still not at top but close

Come on Andy 25 ft to go !

And me at top !

Golden Cap is the highest point on the south coast of Great Britain. 
The name comes from the outcropping of golden greensand rock present at the very top of the cliff.
Carefull !!

After a dinner break and onward to a trigpoint which stands at 191 m (627 ft) on other end of hill.View to West Bay and Weymouth beyond.

Far left of picture is are next destination .

But first down to sea level and Seatown where ice cream sellers are NIL !!

Soon we climb above small hamlet looking back towards Golden Cap.

Doghouse Hill. Not sure why it's called this ?

Looking down to Beach at Seatown.

Just behind this hill,Colmers Hill is Symondsbury are ending destination.

The Beacon in which we turn left from coast and inland, 
someone looks happy about that !

Blue skies finally breaking through showing the coast true beauty !

A bit closer to Colmers Hill. The  Scots pine trees on top were planted during the first world war !

Finally back to Symondsbury and John the Baptist church and end.

A really nice walk with it seems some steep hills but with plenty of benches along route totally worth it !

That's all for now .

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