Thursday, 3 September 2015

128.Barrow Tanks & Ashton Court( 10.3miles)


Parking @Parsonage Rd, Long Ashton, Bristol BS41 9LL, UK

3rd September and Blue skies ! 
Starting at long Ashton,Bristol and soon leaving behind the small hamlet.

After couple of fields we go under the busy A370 ,not Bankys but colour full !

Then the first of many cows 
tried  to heard around us but arms in the air and shouting did the trick ! 
Us not the cows !

Highlight was gonna be Barrow tanks but Bristol water a bit protective, 
fenced off out of bounds.

More Cows I see horns !

more cows,
pictures taken from outside fields  once we'd escaped these rampaging beasts!

Our fisrt stop and a bench to camera left ,no view but and bench !
This road called wild country lane ?

A Few more fields and Ashton court is upon us 
with great views and footpaths everywhere !

It's also a deer park with Red Deer and Fallow

The Ashton Court Estate is made up of 850 acres of woods and parkland designed by Humphry Repton. 
It became a deer park over 600 years ago, and has some magnificent old oak trees including the Domesday Oak.Which is 700 years old,this is not it .

Old Tobacco factory Ashton Gate

Colourful Bristol

 Ashton Court 

Mr Whippy £2.50 !

To end A Dung covered boot alot of cows on this walk but all well behaved, considering Bristol's  population is about 442,500  and middle of walk is no more than 2.5 miles from city centre ,Lots of cows !

Cheers for now

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