Wednesday, 8 January 2014

82.Ridgeway & Barbury Castle ( 13 miles)


we Parked  @ Church of St. Katherine and St. Peter, Winterbourne Bassett SN4 9QB

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A great walk starting at Winterbourn Basset climbing up to ridgeway following this historic route though some rather large puddles ,but watching Red Kites who cares! 10 of them  .Then Taking in Barbury Castle And even Hackpen White Horse .Views everywhere .

Did i mention 10 Red Kites on walk with 6 together on tree with rooks and raven seemed to be quite happy i think resident birds seen others in fields along route hunting and kiteing around ! Raven,Rook,50+Chaffinch,Buzzard,Kestrel,Lots of small birds in fields no binoc !

Been having problems with google maps and picasa if no maps or pictures follow these links



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